Nail Tattoos: your art, your rules, your daily confidence.

The passion of a designer

Welcome to Nuance Ancrée!

Enter the world of Nail Tattoos , a concept that will change your vision of manicure…

And who better than a Nail Art enthusiast to welcome you? I'm Maud, nail stylist and entrepreneur for over ten years .

I am often described as someone who listens, is daring and courageous .

These character traits define my daily life: my entrepreneurial adventure is above all a way of life, where I like to do things differently, exchange and explore every opportunity that the world has to offer.

And this world is full of creativity! I spend a large part of my time creating and taking inspiration from the latest trends and the world around me.

But what would my world be without you?

At Nuance Ancrée, my mission is clear : to offer you quality, both in the products, their origin, and in the support and proximity to you. I am sharing with you an easy and accessible Nail Art method (through Nail Tattoos) to encourage you to take time for yourself, while strengthening self-confidence: your pride in having successfully completed your manicure... is also my pride !

Let's start today to offer you this freedom, this moment of well-being, and to imagine together. The designs and nuances that you will encounter in each Nail Tattoos sheet are the fruit of my creativity : I designed them with passion to reflect the trends of the moment, but also each of your moods or desires.

But anyway, what is a Nail Tattoo?

Nail Tattoos: for a look that suits your mood!

I believe that pretty nails help improve self-confidence .

For this, I created Nail Tattoos: an easy Nail Art method for creating a beautiful manicure at home without sacrificing your budget .

If we had to summarize the magic touch of Nail Tattoos in a few words:

  • Imperceptible to the touch, for natural elegance
  • Long-lasting, French quality
  • For all types of varnishes and all levels
  • Easy Nail Art method, vector of self-confidence
  • Adapted to seasonal trends, your moods and desires
  • The feeling of having drawn it yourself

On the verge of breaking down? I share with you in more detail the secret of my Nail Tattoos…

Nail Tattoos are accessible to everyone : they are easy to apply, last longer than a classic sticker and adapt to all styles of varnish (semi-permanent or not), nails (even short) and levels (including included for children ).

The technique is innovative: dip the design and apply it to the nail. Easy, right?

nail art coeur minimalist

Each Nail Tattoos board includes around a hundred designs , for around ten manicures at low prices, plus Nail Art ideas, detailed tutorials... everything is designed to make your experience unique, easier and enriching!

Fall for refined designs, inspired by the latest trends : seasonal shades, artistic or fashion shades, Nuance Ancrée is overflowing with inspiration for an absolutely unique style. Your Nail Art will reflect your personality with authenticity: Nail Tattoos are minimalist and thus highlight the natural beauty of the nails.

Beauty and self-confidence shouldn't be unattainable: it's time to define your art, your rules and your daily confidence. Affirm your style with Nail Tattoos thanks to a brand that wants you well!

  • Proximity & kindness

    Our relationship does not end with the purchase of your Nail Tattoos sheet ; in fact, it has only just started!

    I like to take time with each of you: available for any questions, I love to discuss and discover the results of your manicures.

    Imagining your smile, seeing your pride in having succeeded is my greatest happiness!

    Remember, my main goal is to encourage you to take a moment for yourself and increase your self-confidence.

  • Ethics & eco-responsibility

    I work with French brands or ethical suppliers, respectful of people, nature and animals (provenance is not everything).

    There are no animal tests, because the tests are done… on me!

    Nail Tattoo ink is safe and non-toxic.

    Product quality is my priority!

  • Open-mindedness and accessibility

    Nuance Ancrée is a brand open to the world, but also to genres; because Nail Art isn’t just for girls, it’s for nails!

The origin of the name “Nuance Ancrée”: NA… like Nail Art!

NUANCE : An infinite number of variations through which the same color, a shape, a mood can pass.

What if you did your nails according to your daily mood? A beautiful way to embrace the diversity of human feelings. This is the whole philosophy of Nail Tattoos: each design represents different shades of happiness, sadness, love, encouraging us to accept and spread each of our feelings .

GROUNDED: Savor the present moment with serenity, trying to let go.

When “ink” and “anchor” merge… By encouraging you to take care of yourself and your nails, Nail Tattoos are an ephemeral ink, helping you to anchor yourself in the present moment .

Although temporary, Nail Tattoos stay with you for several days, enhancing your nails and creating a feeling of confidence. Each design on the boards aims to connect you to your current identity, but also to the one you aspire to become!

Make a splash with Nail Tattoos and let your personality speak!